A Gathering Of Elephants

[podcast @ DASFilmFest.com] Animated movie starring the molded plywood elephants of Charles and Ray Eames. Part of the Eames Office (www.eamesoffice.com) celebration of the Charles Eames centennia…

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  1. This is so cool, especially since I literally just saw one of them at the IMA 30 minutes ago!

  2. This was absolutely delightful! Thanks for posting it. Cheers to Charles, Ray, and to you as well!

  3. Where is the credit due Don Albinson?

  4. Dear Rocketsharc,Don did not work on the film so I did not give him a credit.If you mean some sort of credit on the elephant, the elephant was designed by the Eameses in 1945. Incidentally, though Don was a student at Cranbrook in 1941, Don did not start at the Eames Office in Los Angeles until 1946 (or possibly late december 1945, but the Eames Design book says 1946).Thanks for your comment.

  5. I was sitting in the car with my grandma waiting for my grandpa to get back from out of Wal Mart and I was listening to Eames Demetrios get interviewed and I heard about this. Amazing! 😀

  6. Although the comment may be slightly biased, I love it!

  7. Can’t stop watching it! Love it!

  8. This is the wonderful thing about legends – they live on and continue to teach us all.Thank you so much for this film!

  9. This is WOndErFul, Eames!I love how they take such delight playing at the Office.

  10. Wonderdul, Eames!I love how they take such delight at the store.:)

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