Eames Lounge Chair Assembly Short Film

A film made by Charles & Ray Eames in 1956. This short film made it’s debut alongside the Eames Lounge Chair on NBC in the same year.

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  1. got our eames reproduction from SIEDASI

  2. Cheers for your thoughts. Yep, im going for it. surely 850 pounds will get a real quality repro? One day I will sit my hairy arse the genuine chair and sip Brandy. Until that day…half a man I may be.

  3. I love the Eames Lounge. I work a low paying job and will never have a spare five grand for the real deal, I am thinking of buying a repro, for about £800. I would appreciate any feed back, possible companies, or if its even worth my time and money? I know that the repro will not touch the genuine article, but surely £800 will buy a lovely chair. Thankyou.

  4. dont do it…the rip offs are sad and a compromise…save ur pennies…u’ll appreciate it…i did and everyday i love what i am looking at, not looking at it thinking its a repro….

  5. It is crazy money though. I know exactly what you are saying, the genuine is king. For the mean time I may have to settle for all I can afford. I know…..one day I will have the real sweet deal, but for the mean time….maybe. Have you a genuine Eames Lounge? How beautiful is she??? I bet she is heaven? How much did you pay friend?

  6. i dont have the lounge i have the wire chairs, a dining table and coffee table. i am lucky iguess coz i work in the industry and get trade prices but there was still a time when i couldnt afford it so i saved and borrowed and now i have and love them. also, the thought of buying the repro and replacing them when i could afford it seemed environmentally shameful.

  7. With a knock-off you’ll often get exposed bolt heads and thinner padding, but for the savings it was worth it to me. I just bought a very good imitation for $250USD. When I do better financially I’ll consider the real thing, but for now this works well enough.

  8. So cool .This is my favorite lounge chair, me encanta

  9. 1:21 🙂

  10. Corporations8MyBaby on September 11th, 2009 at 4:12 pm

    Music by the great Elmer Bernstein. We had that chair, a repair guy took it, never brought it back, I don’t think he originally meant to steal it but he must have “needed money” very suddenly at some point. Yeah. I miss that chair.

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