Powers Of Ten

From the macro to the micro, from the universe to quark! (This is an edited excerpt from the IMAX film Cosmic Voyage. The music is by Kitaro.

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  1. Thanks for the discription. I am blind and a professor showed this movie but without any voice only music, this helps me understand now what was happening, thank you. Awesome!

  2. It is really amazing to think I am the center of all of this.

  3. the music was by elmer bernstein

  4. LOLNo shit.

  5. mind=blown

  6. Great video! Only it is a bit outdated as almost anything is in fast moving science. The smallest size is the Planck Length – 10 (-33) and the largest we know now is 10 (28) That is about 60 orders of magnitude, and we humans exist right in the middle, and yes God is behing it all!

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