Eames Storage Unit Sources

eamesshelfIf you’re looking to purchase a classic Eames Storage Unit, you have several possibilities.  The MoMa Store has the classic ESU 400 units, reissued from Herman Miller, for $3350.  mid-century-modern.com has the ESU 400 base unit for $1980—you’ll need to give them a call to price add-ons like doors and drawers.  Design Within Reach (sic) has 4×2 units licensed by Herman Miller and on sale now for $2549.15.   My own choice would be to purchase from the New Orleans-area Modern Woodworks. As a unit of measure, their ESU 150 base unit (one bay high, one bay wide, 24 1/2″ w x 20 1/2″ h x 16″ d) is $195 base price without add-ons.  Adding a frill or two and shipping would bring the cost to about $275 or so.  The comparable DWR unit is over $400 with shipping.  For an outdated but interesting discussion on Eames storage unit sources and pricing, see this Design Addict thread.

Happy hunting!

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